tools + events for daily, magical acts of rebellion

Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

What if you could raise your kids to become vehicles for social justice, no matter what they do in life? What would that look like? How would that help change the future of your community... no, of humanity? And what if we did this together, in one large, colorful, loving revolution?

Raise. Read. Rise-up! isn't a movement that started with a big, ambitious goal (that came later). It actually started with the solution...

I'm totally that mom

Like many stay-at-home moms, I used to pack snacks, stuffies, and books and trek to my local library every week. While the kids played, I'd comb the shelves looking for books. And every once in a while, I'd see a cover or title that would start my pulse racing. I'd pick up the book, excitedly skim the words, and drop it into my book bag, all giddy with anticipation. Why? Because I'd discovered a book that would let me tell my kids a story about refugees, LGBTQ+, immigrants, artists, civil rights activists, and other people who are 'different'. Pretty soon I was filling-up my book bag on every trip. I became obsessed with the idea that not only are these books valuable on their own, but all together could revolutionize the way I teach my kids about the world and their role in transforming it for the better. (btw- social justice, civil rights, and diversity are kind of my thing)

So here's what we're doing

Fast-forward a year and a half, and our weekly trips to the library are still going strong! I've combined my ever-growing reading lists with anti-bias and intercultural communication activities to design simple and fun tools to use at home. We've started with educational family events and, in the fall, we're launching a revolutionary reading zine. Through these, you'll get activities, book lists, and stories to create on-going anti-bias and social justice learning in your home!

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