Our goal is to revolutionize how we talk to our kids about being different. Right now, we're doing this through two mini-revolutions; experiments in storytelling and culture-building around a powerful appreciation and protection of differences of all kinds.

revolutionary reading zine + events

Coming this fall! We're using children's books and one-of-a-kind activities to give our kids the skills and world view they'll need to become true vehicles for social justice, no matter what they do in life. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be first get news and behind-the-scenes peeks!

workbooks for gifted kids about giftedness

Talking to kids about being gifted (and different) doesn't have to be hard! Through our workbook series Gifted Culture Kids, we're laying the groundwork for kids to integrate the idea of giftedness as a part of who they are (an identity) and how they see the world (a culture).